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FAQs About Commercial Refrigeration January 23, 2018

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FAQs About Commercial Refrigeration , Sparks, Nevada

Commercial refrigeration units are different from your average home refrigerators; they require specialized expertise to diagnose and repair malfunctions. Burney’s Commercial Service in Honolulu, HI, has been providing residents with outstanding refrigeration for decades. Below, they’ve gathered a few of the most common questions they receive from clients to help you navigate your commercial refrigeration problems. 

Commercial Refrigeration FAQs from Honolulu’s Experts

How Often Should a Cooler or Freezer Be Cleaned? 

How often you clean your commercial refrigeration equipment depends on various factors, including how much it's used. If you use your equipment regularly and rely on its cleanliness to service your clients, then it may require bi-weekly cleaning. But, if it serves as a storage unit, it can probably go several months without a top-to-bottom cleaning; however, tidying up occasionally is always recommended. 

My Unit Isn’t Working; What Do I Do? 

commercial-refrigerationIf your unit isn’t working, make sure it’s properly plugged in. If it is, inspect your circuit breaker to see whether it has been tripped or not. If everything appears normal, contact a commercial refrigeration professional to diagnose the problem. 

Can My Walk-In Cooler’s Refrigeration Unit Be Replaced Separately? 

If your walk-in cooler is in good condition but its refrigeration unit is malfunctioning, it can be replaced without needing to reinstall another walk-in cooler. Such replacements are often a quick fix and can be completed within a few hours.

My Condenser Fan Won’t Turn Off? 

The condenser fan of your commercial refrigeration unit is one of its key components, so if it’s malfunctioning it needs to be repaired immediately. First, check to make sure you have your fan set on the proper cycle. If everything seems normal but your fan still won’t turn off, contact a professional to avoid costly errors. 

These are just a few of the most common commercial refrigeration problems that can arise. If you’re experiencing these issues or any that aren’t on the list, the professionals from Burney’s Commercial Service will help you find a solution. Call them today at (808) 848-1466 to schedule a service appointment, or learn more about their food equipment and industrial appliance repairs.

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