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The Best Dry Cleaners Share 3 Ways to Care for Your Winter Coat January 23, 2018

Kips Bay, Manhattan
The Best Dry Cleaners Share 3 Ways to Care for Your Winter Coat, Manhattan, New York

It’s easy to be fashionable in the wintertime when you have a closet full of coats to consider for each outing. You should have a few options to choose from, like a trendy leather jacket, a faux fur and a few wool and down coats for varying occasions. How can you care for all these jackets? Below, the best dry cleaners at Mr. Anthony Cleaners in New York City share three tips for maintaining your winter attire.

Care for Your Winter Coat With These 3 Tips From the Best Dry Cleaners in NYC

1. Consider the Material

Not all coats can be thrown in the washer at home. In fact, many require help from the best dry cleaners, so you won’t damage the fabric. Some down jackets can go right into side-loading washers that don’t have the rotating column in the middle. Add the coat, a special down wash and a few clean tennis balls to keep the feathers fluffed and ready to warm you up. Other fabrics, like wool or fur, should go straight to the dry cleaners for seasonal washing.

2. Choose Wisely

best-dry-cleaners-new-york-nyOne of the most important factors in coat care is the weather. If you wear a wool coat outside when it’s snowing, for example, the fibers will get wet and potentially stretch out of shape. Instead, wear a water-resistant jacket that is made for the conditions and save your wool for dry days.

3. Get Regular Cleanings

If you have an insulating coat, you’ll need to get it cleaned every few weeks. For material like down to provide warmth, it has to be clean; this prevents it from clumping together. The feathers must have space to hold warmth or they won’t help you fight off the New York cold. Head to the best dry cleaners to get your insulating jackets cleaned regularly. You’ll look snazzy and enjoy the full benefits of the thermal material.

When you have a closet full of coat options, you need a varied approach to caring for them. From washing down at home to bringing fur and wool to the best dry cleaners, you can keep your winter wear in great shape with the tips above. To ask about Mr. Anthony Cleaners’ expert dry cleaning call (212) 689-8689. Visit the website for information on their fur cleaning and cold storage as well as shirt hand-pressing, fine European tailoring, and wash and fold service to keep your wardrobe fresh and crisp.