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5 Outdoor Senior Care Tips for Those With Mobility Limitations January 23, 2018

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5 Outdoor Senior Care Tips for Those With Mobility Limitations, Atmore, Alabama

Family caregivers and senior care specialists know that mobility limitations become even more of a concern in the outdoors. Quality of life improves greatly when a senior can spend some time out of the house during nice weather, but the caring staff at Candlelight Compassions in Foley, AL, knows it is important to take extra precautions for outside activities. Here are some senior care tips for the outdoors if you have a family member with mobility limitations.

5 Tips for Outdoor Senior Care When Mobility Is a Concern

1. Keep Walkways Clear & in Good Condition

Uneven patches of grass or curbs with inclines can provide obstacles for adults with balance or mobility issues. Make sure there is an accessible easy-to-navigate pathway from the front door to the driveway or parking lot. Keep walkways and the lawn clear of snow and ice, toys, garden hoses, and other landscaping items. Make sure the pathway from the home is well-lit.

2. Encourage the Wearing of Proper Eyeglasses

Encourage your family member to always wear the correct eyewear outdoors. For example, reading glasses and bifocals can distort vision and may limit the ability to see curbs or other hazards. Sunglasses cut down on glare that can also distort vision.

3. Maintain Porches & Steps

senior careWeatherproof, textured paint on porches and steps will reduce the potential for slipping. Add abrasive strips or rubber stair treads to also decrease the possibilities of a fall. Make sure all steps, decks, and porches have no worn, loose areas or nails.

4. Provide Seating in Shady Areas

A gazebo, canopy, or even groupings of mature trees can provide necessary shade that will protect an older adult from dehydrating or overheating if he or she is not able to quickly or easily move to a cooler spot. However, it is still important to check on seniors frequently as they may not realize their body temperature is increasing when the weather is very warm.

5. Secure Pool, Fire Pits, & Grills

Older adults with balance issues are in danger of falling into a pool if they walk to close to it and it is not properly secured. The same is true of any source of fire, like a lit grill, fire pit or fire column. Keep these items well away from walkways or other areas where your senior may need to walk.

If your loved one needs some additional assistance in their own home, call on the senior care experts at Candlelight Compassions. Their team of compassionate caregivers works hard to ensure a better quality of life for their senior clients while helping to keep them safe both indoors and out. Contact them today for more information at (251) 359-0562 or visit them online to learn about all they have to offer.

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