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What Is Socratic Questioning? February 13, 2018

Riverdale, Bronx
What Is Socratic Questioning?, Bronx, New York

Do you know what is Socratic questioning is and how it applies to math? At Mathnasium of Riverdale in the Bronx, NY, instructors use a form of the centuries-old educational method to bring out the best in their students. Here is an explanation of the process and how it can benefit your child in learning algebra and in other math classes.

Learning Math Through Socratic Questioning

The Origin of Socratic Questioning

In ancient Greece, a teacher and philosopher named Socrates developed an approach to teaching intended to stimulate thoughtful discussion with his students and encourage them to seek truth. The Socratic method uses a series of probing questions that helps students think logically, explore ideas thoroughly, and establish their validity.

How the Socratic Method Works

mathBy using structured questions that focus on the thinking process, Socratic questioning develops a student’s critical reasoning abilities. The teacher pretends not to know the subject matter, and asks questions that force students to slow down and fine-tune their thought processes. Experienced instructors know this teaching method helps children develop problem-solving skills and improve their capacity to remember information for long periods.

Socratic Questioning & Math Help

When teaching or giving math help using the Socratic method, the instructor asks a question to inspire thought, instead of just giving the answer. This instructional method engages students and gives them a deeper understanding of math concepts. Over time, students develop a higher level of confidence in their ability to reason and solve math problems.

At Mathnasium of Riverdale in the Bronx, NY, teaching math goes beyond memorization. This dynamic learning center provides stimulating instruction that teaches students to think. Your children will receive math help that empowers them to succeed in classes and life. Learn more about the center’s teaching methods at their website or call (347) 427-1300 to speak with an instructor.

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