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God's Not Picking On You January 13, 2018

God's Not Picking On You, Wagoner, Oklahoma

God’s Not Picking On You

Have you ever found yourself in one situation after another that just honestly isn’t pleasant? And just when you finally think that you’ve got the waves slowed down from crashing around you here comes another. Sometimes you might even feel as though it’s all you have to keep your head above the water. Now days it’s almost as though everywhere we turn satan is doing everything he can to get us to turn from God. But you have to ask yourself is it satan or is God allowing you to go through these trials to be a witness to someone else. Or He might even be allowing each one of the waves that are hitting you to come to teach you how to persevere and become stronger in Him. Now let me clarify something I am not saying that God allows death to make us stronger I’m not even talking about the loss of someone we love. I’m talking about the everyday struggles and battles that we face. You know the days when you lie down in bed at night and you ask yourself what the heck just happened? That’s what I’m talking about. For instance, for us our waves started crashing in about four years ago. We received one of those fantastic letters in the mail that let’s you know that someone is taking you to court. Well as if that wasn’t enough we were also chosen to be selected for both of our offices for our yearly audits at the same time.  And that’s just a few pieces of the sand that hit us when the waves came crashes in. And during this entire time after we continued to get hit and would often times fall on our bottoms. I found myself asking God “Why?” “What am I to learn from this?” and honestly at the end of the journey after sometimes thinking that God was just picking on me I realized He was actually using me for His glory. Now don’t get me wrong I did not walk through this time absolutely perfect. Nope, there were times I didn’t bring anyone glory at all except for satan. My flesh would wail up and I would cave to these crazy emotions. But although I fell I grew, God used those moments of my weakness to show me who He truly was. And even though we were being accused and taken to court where we would have go to trial we continued to press into God and believe Him for the best. One of the hardest things you can ever do is prove that you truly did nothing wrong. But it’s in those moments when you feel helpless and your questioning God why He just won’t put a stop to it all is when you learn how to really trust in Him. God doesn’t pick on us but He does use us to help others and how we respond to situations and circumstances shows people how God works. Over the past years God has blessed us to be used for several difficult circumstances. Although they were difficult and painful they were worth every moment. Through each one of the trials we have seen people give their lives to Christ and change the way they live. People don’t just believe in God because of one sermon they hear they begin to believe with the way that those who are closest to them live. That’s why it’s important in each trial you face that you take time to study God’s word to battle the enemy and once you have your armor you take your seat and let God do His job. And just a little word of advice that will help you to overcome your trial a little sooner, God does not need help. I learned that after going around the same mountain a few times and then finally I learned my job is believe and have faith and let my Father in Heaven do the rest. So, if you feel like you can’t take anymore I encourage you to hang on and stop fighting a battle that Jesus has already won. Your job is to just believe and trust that God has everything under control and that His word is true and you will have victory.


Written by; Anita J. Shipman

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