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How to Know If You Meet the Requirements for Workers’ Comp Benefits January 25, 2018

How to Know If You Meet the Requirements for Workers’ Comp Benefits , Queens, New York

Workers’ comp is a form of insurance that helps pay for medical expenses and lost wages when an employee experiences a work-related injury or illness. Generally, you must meet a few eligibility requirements to receive benefits. Your employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance or be required to do so, and you must prove your injury or illness was a direct result of the job duties. However, New York has additional guidelines that will determine whether you qualify.

Who’s Covered?workers' compensation

In New York, all employees who work for a for-profit company may apply to receive workers’ comp regardless if they’re full-time, part-time, leased, family members, or volunteers. Public school teachers, employees of the State of New York, full-time domestic workers, farm laborers who earned at least $1,200 in the previous year, and employees of counties and municipalities who are defined as having a hazardous occupation also qualify for benefits.

Who Isn’t?

On the other hand, various employees are not covered by the state’s workers’ comp laws. This includes non-profit volunteers who don’t receive compensation, members of religious organizations, sanitation workers, and NYPD officers. Also, firefighters who are covered by the New York State General Municipal Law and anyone who already receives workers’ compensation from another program do not qualify.


The best way to conclude whether you meet the necessary criteria for workers’ comp is to have your case assessed by an experienced attorney. Residents in Flushing, Brooklyn, Garden City, and the Bronx, NY, turn to Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee, LLP when faced with this task. They will tell you if you should move forward with the claims process, and if so, they’ll help you complete all the required paperwork. Call (888) 519-6400 to speak with a staff member, or visit their website for additional information. 

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