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3 Benefits of Structural Steel Frames for Construction January 26, 2018

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3 Benefits of Structural Steel Frames for Construction, Wood, Missouri

When starting a construction job, you have a few different options in terms of the framing. Steel is one of those, and you may be surprised to learn it’s not just for skyscrapers and massive structures. Douglass Steel in Mountain Grove, MO, provides high-quality products that can be used to create buildings for many different purposes. Here, they list three reasons this metal is beneficial for the structural frame of any building.

Why You Should Choose a Structural Steel Frame

1. Steel Frames Are Lightweight

Steel isn’t known as a lightweight material. However, you don’t need as much to make a solid structure as you would another material, like wood. So, a steel frame construction is actually not as heavy as a wood frame of the same size. A lighter frame is easier and faster for contractors to put together, so it’ll save you time and money. 

2. Steel Is Versatile

steelWith the right equipment, this metal can be molded and cut into basically any shape and size. This allows builders to create truly unique structures that don’t have to conform to cookie-cutter styles. For instance, a good welder can mold steel into a curved shape to add a circular architectural element to a building. If wood or another material were used, it would take a complicated arrangement of small pieces to achieve a similar look, since the raw material cannot be manipulated and molded in the same way. 

3. Steel Is Recyclable

This metal can be used over and over again and is one of the most recycled items available. This quality makes it incredibly eco-friendly, since it’s not necessary to constantly mine for materials to create new steel. Additionally, it can also lead to cheaper prices when purchasing raw materials, as it doesn’t need to be fabricated completely from scratch for each use. 

If you’re in need of high-quality steel, Douglass Steel should be your first call. The company has been a staple of the Mountain Grove community for more than 50 years and offers reliable products, along with expert fabrication and welding services. Call (417) 926-5589 or contact the team online to learn more.