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5 Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2018 January 23, 2018

Bryan Station, Lexington-Fayette Northeast
5 Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2018, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

Lighting has a large impact on decor, both indoors and outdoors. But, while lighting is undoubtedly important, not everyone knows how to use it to boost their landscaping designs. The professionals at Kentucky Lighting & Supply know how and have compiled this list of outdoor lighting trends for clients who may need some inspiration. If you’re not sure how to accent your landscape in 2018, here are some suggestions.

5 Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2018

1. LED Light Fixtures

If you need efficient lighting that can withstand extreme temperatures, you can’t go wrong with light emitting diode — LED — technology. LED lights are ideal for outdoor use and are particularly common on vehicles. They also look great and can even mimic other lighting types, such as halogen.

2. String Lights

Wondering how to decorate your deck or porch? Consider hanging stringed paper lanterns or fairy lights around the eaves for simple yet effective mood lighting. Stringed lights can also be inexpensive if you’re working with a limited budget.

3. Pendant Lights

outdoor lightingPendant lights are so-named because of their resemblance to pendant jewelry. They’re designed to hang down from a base, making them ideal porch or patio lighting solutions. To some people, they look like elegant outdoor chandeliers, making them great conversation pieces if you entertain guests often.

4. Sconces

Wall sconces are easy to install and provide valuable lighting to your front or back entrance. They can also take on various forms by evoking traditional or contemporary aesthetics. Sconces are a good choice when you need something simple yet attractive.

5. Spotlights

Spotlights are ideal if you want to showcase a special part of your garden or landscape at night. Because of their ability to be positioned and focused, they are also suitable for illuminating walkways when the sun goes down.

If you’re still unsure about the lighting options that are best for your home, consult a friendly professional. Kentucky Lighting & Supply in Lexington, KY, offers stunning lighting fixtures at a great price. Their lighting showroom features a wide selection of indoor and outdoor lighting pieces, which can complement any aesthetic. To see for yourself, stop by today or call (859) 259-0466 for questions. More information about their selection of light fixtures is available on their website.

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