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3 Tips to Protect Your Water Well System During Winter January 22, 2018

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3 Tips to Protect Your Water Well System During Winter, Union, Pennsylvania

Cold weather can cause pipes to freeze and possibly burst, making your well inoperable and groundwater inaccessible. Fortunately, keeping your water well system safe and functional during the coldest months of the year is simple if you follow a few basic maintenance practices. Here are a few tips to protect your well against the elements.

3 Ways to Winterize Your Water Well System

1. Inspect the Equipment

Inspect the well equipment regularly during winter to ensure the cap is fitted properly and the piping isn’t frozen. The area where the well is located should be clean and free of trash or contaminants. If you discover semi-frozen pipes, use a hair dryer to thaw them. If the pipes are completely frozen, it can cause damage to the submersible pump. Call a professional to check the water well system.

2. Insulate the Piping

Water Well SystemCover the pipes with foam insulation and heat tape to keep them warm. A thermal blanket will also work. The cover should be wrapped around the piping and attached with heat tape to provide protection from the cold temperatures. Install a heat lamp for additional warmth if there is an electrical outlet nearby.

3. Cover Your Well

Purchase an insulated well cover to keep cold air from damaging the piping and components. A trash can will also get the job done. Simply line the inside of the receptacle with insulation and place it over the exposed well parts.


Protecting your water well system during winter means keeping the pipes warm so that groundwater can flow freely into your home. If you need assistance with your well, contact the installation specialists at Kuser Well Drilling, serving the greater Roaring Branch, PA, area. They will provide well pump services on your existing system or begin excavation on your new well. Call (570) 673-8189 to discuss your needs, and visit them online to find out how you can benefit from their superior products and services.

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