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4 Driver Safety Tips for Teens Traveling in the Snow February 6, 2018

South Weymouth, Weymouth Town
4 Driver Safety Tips for Teens Traveling in the Snow, Weymouth Town, Massachusetts

Winters in New England can be harsh, which is why it’s important to know how to handle them behind the wheel—especially if you’re a new driver. New England Driving School in Weymouth, MA, understands that winter can be a trying time for teen travelers, which is why they’ve collected some driver safety tips for your snowbound son or daughter. 

4 Winter Driver Safety Tips to Teach Your Teen 

1. Always Turn Lights On 

On cloudy or snowy days, it’s important to alert other drivers to your presence on the road, especially if snow, sleet, or rain is impeding visibility. The easiest way to do so is by driving with your lights on at all times. This will help others see you and improve your vision behind the wheel. 

2. Go Easy on the Brakes

driver safetyDriving on snow is much different than on a smooth, dry road. Even if a particular roadway appears well-plowed and free of snow, it may still contain ice patches and slick spots. With this in mind, gently apply pressure to the brake pad when slowing down—avoid slamming on the brakes unless it’s absolutely necessary. This will minimize the risk of losing control of your vehicle. 

3. Pay Close Attention to Bridges

One of the most common causes of accidents during the winter is black ice, which is often found on bridges or overpasses. Such ice is created when snow thaws but doesn’t have enough time to drain away before freezing again. As such, it’s important to drive over bridges and overpasses slowly and pay special attention to dark patches that could be ice. 

​​​​​​​4. Don’t Pass Snow Plows 

Getting stuck behind a snow plow can be frustrating, but it’s important not to pass them. After all, they’re clearing the roadway to make it easier and safer for you to drive on. Passing a snow plow is especially dangerous on a two-lane road, so wait until they stop or pull over to the side.

If you’re interested in learning more driver safety tips, New England Driving School is always happy to answer your questions. Call their Weymouth and Hanover locations at (781) 337-1003 to help your teen become a safer traveler. Or, visit them online for a closer look at their driving instruction services. 

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