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Lawn Care Equipment Basics: Maintaining Your Kubota® Battery January 26, 2018

Harris, Stanly
Lawn Care Equipment Basics: Maintaining Your Kubota® Battery, Harris, North Carolina

If you own a tractor or riding mower, one of the most important parts of your equipment to look out for is your battery. Without the battery, your Kubota® lawn care equipment is just a hunk of metal and plastic. Make sure the power keeps flowing with these basic maintenance tips.

How to Care for Your Kubota Battery

Check the Power

Your battery’s cold cranking amperes, or CCA, is a measure of its ability to deliver a current at zero degrees. This is an important measure because your tractor or riding mower requires a strong current at startup. You can test your battery’s current with a multimeter to make sure it stays over 850. You should also check its voltage—you want at least 12.6 volts at all times.

Tighten the Brackets

lawn care equipmentInside your Kubota battery are several lead plates that stand parallel to one another. If the battery is vibrated or jostled too roughly, these plates can come loose and hit each other, permanently disabling that cell of the battery. Unfortunately, lawn care equipment produces a ton of vibration, so to keep your battery in good shape, there are hold-down brackets to keep this vital tractor part stable. Check the brackets regularly and tighten them as needed to prevent battery damage.

Check the Terminals

Your battery terminal may corrode over time, becoming coated in a chalky white substance that can impede the flow of electricity. The connectors can also crack and become unstable with enough use. Check your battery’s terminals and connectors regularly, and clean and replace them as necessary, to ensure power can flow to your machine.

With a little basic care, you can keep your Kubota battery in top shape and extend its life span. Make sure to perform these checks and maintenance steps regularly for the best performance.


For farm and lawn care equipment in the New London, NC, area, choose Stanly Tractor Company. For more than 50 years, they’ve provided top-quality equipment, along with parts and repairs to keep your tractor or riding mower running. For any questions about their services, call (704) 983-1106 or reach out online.

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