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Early Learning Specialists Share 3 Tips to Get Kids Ready for Reading January 26, 2018

Plymouth, Plymouth
Early Learning Specialists Share 3 Tips to Get Kids Ready for Reading, Plymouth, Michigan

Young minds are constantly absorbing information, which means it’s never too soon to introduce children to activities that will help them excel in the classroom later on. According to the early learning specialists at Tutor Time Child Care in Plymouth, MI, there are several steps parents can take to give their kids a head-start on reading. Below, Wayne County’s early learning educators share three tips to provide kids the right building blocks.

3 Tips to Prepare Kids for Reading From Early Learning Specialists

Use Objects to Teach the Alphabet

Kids are tactile creatures, which means they learn best when presented with things they can see and touch. When teaching the alphabet, write each letter on individual tiles or flashcards. That way, kids can easily pick up the markers. You can create fun drawings in letter shapes to aid memorization. 

Spend Family Time Reading Together 

early learningReading during family time or before bed will encourage them to read on their own in the future. So kids can follow along easily, choose stories with short words and simple sentences. Point to the words on the pages as you read aloud. As they learn, kids will start to recognize the letters and words. 

Plan Frequent Trips to the Library

Instead of downloading books on electronic devices, take your kids to the library to browse the selection. When children get to choose for themselves, they’re far more likely to enjoy the experience. Many libraries also offer storytelling events and enrichment programs for little ones.

If you want to provide your kids with the groundwork for academic success, reach out to Tutor Time Child Care in Plymouth for assistance. To learn more about their preschool and pre-kindergarten education programs, visit the learning center online, or call (734) 420-2700 to speak with an early learning specialist. Visit the tutors on Facebook for event alerts. 

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