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Lockout Service Team Shares 3 Winter Car Kit Tips January 25, 2018

Aurora-Lemeta, Fairbanks North Star
Lockout Service Team Shares 3 Winter Car Kit Tips, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

Every driver should carry an emergency winter car kit filled with essential supplies. If your car breaks down or an emergency arises, you must be prepared to weather the storm. For some, the kit may become rather large, so keep it in your trunk where there’s plenty of storage space. Here, the lockout service team at Arctic Taxi of Fairbanks, AK, lists what every motorist should carry.

Lockout Service Recommends 3 Winter Car Kit Needs

1. Basics

Lockout ServiceA first-aid kit with band aids, antiseptic, gauze, and wipes is crucial when caring for injuries. Jumper cables will restart your car if it breaks down, or they can be used to assist another driver. A flashlight will help you keep track of your surroundings at night, and bottles of water will become necessary if you’re stranded on the side of the road. Matches or a lighter will also come in handy should you need to light a fire to stay warm.

2. Secondary Essentials

Road flares and warning triangles are helpful if you come across an accident or are involved in one yourself. You should also carry a spare tire and tools to change it, along with gloves and baby wipes for a quick cleanup. Tire chains will help you drive through snow without sliding on the road. Several Ready to Eat Meals (MRE) should also be included in your kit, as they can be stored in your vehicle for at least five years.

3. Additional Items

If you’re stuck in wintry weather for an extended period, you’ll need blankets to stay warm. Pack insulated boots, gloves, socks, a hat, and a change of clothing. Toilet paper is also a convenient item to have—you never know when you’ll need it. Also, include duct tape, a pocket knife, rope, and a small shovel. Kitty litter or sand work well for traction on icy roads.

Your winter car kit should contain everything you think you’ll need during an emergency. If you’re pressed for space, only pack the most important items. The experts at Arctic Taxi provide 24-hour taxi service during all types of weather. They also provide jump-start and lockout service for drivers that need help. Call (907) 455-0000 to inquire about their services and visit the website for more information about the local taxi company.

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