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Air Conditioning Repair Experts Talk Temperature vs. Thermostat Reading January 15, 2018

Air Conditioning Repair Experts Talk Temperature vs. Thermostat Reading, Honolulu, Hawaii

Every homeowner has experienced a moment where they walk by the thermostat and the reading is baffling. While your HVAC unit may say one thing, the temperature inside your home could feel significantly hotter or colder. Before you call an air conditioning repair company in the middle of the night, here’s a deep dive into why your thermostat may not match the indoor environment.

Understanding Thermostat Readings vs. Indoor Temperature Feel

Why Does Your Home Feel Hotter or Colder Than What the Thermostat Says?

When the thermostat reading doesn’t seem to align with your surroundings, it’s natural to conclude that air conditioning repair is a must. If you have a new unit or you’ve had your system serviced recently, there may be another culprit. Insulation plays a big factor in the efficiency of any AC and heating setup. Evaluate the condition of the insulation in both your attic, basement, and walls to ensure it’s doing its part to keep temperature-controlled air within your walls. Doors and windows are also a source of inefficiency, so check for drafts or damaged framing.

Air Conditioning RepairIf your temperature problems seem to vary from room to room, check that all vents are open and unhindered by rugs and furniture. Should sunlight be streaming into your household, consider blackout curtains or strong blinds to combat the heat the sun naturally gives off.

What Should You Do if the Problem Persists?

If you’re confident that insulation, sun, and vent blockages aren’t to blame, call a trusted air conditioning repair team for an evaluation. They will pinpoint any problem areas and create an efficient system, whether it be installing additional ductless AC units or rectifying a technological error with your thermostat.


Advanced A/C Contracting is Honolulu, HI’s best source for HVAC service, from new installation to air conditioning repair. If you’re experiencing on-going thermostat issues, call them today at (808) 847-4814 to schedule an inspection. For information on the cooling systems offered by these AC experts and their sister company Air Conditioning Essential Services, servicing all of Oahu, visit them online.

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