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3 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Antique Engagement Ring January 24, 2018

Greece, Monroe
3 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Antique Engagement Ring, Greece, New York

Vintage jewelry tells a story unlike anything else. When you choose to invest in an antique engagement ring, you’re placing more than just a beautiful gemstone on your finger—you’re adding your own love story to the rich history of a time-honored piece. Before you begin browsing, keep these tips in mind to select the best possible choice.

3 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

1. Consider the Size

Rochester, NY antiquesWhile it’s disappointing to realize the the ring you love the most is not the right size, in many cases, it can be resized to fit you properly. However, some antique rings are far too complex and intricately designed to alter. If you want to attempt to resize a tricky ring, find someone who has plenty of experience working with antique jewelry. Otherwise, you risk doing irreparable damage.

2. Focus on Stones

Some  stones stand up to the ravages of time better than others. For example, pearls and opals are vulnerable because they’re soft. White topaz and amethyst don’t age well, losing luster and color over time. Diamonds, however, are famously durable. Rubies and sapphires are similarly strong, and you’ll find them on many vintage engagement rings.

3. Stray from Convention

While you may have a vision of the perfect ring, be open to the fact that vintage jewelry is unconventional. Pieces made before diamond-cutting tools existed may look different simply because they were cut by hand. Still, the beauty of wearing an antique engagement ring, is that it’s entirely unique.

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll own. By putting some thought and time into selecting the perfect antique, you’ll be dazzled by its appearance—and warmed by its fascinating past for years to come.


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