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3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Muffler Replacement January 19, 2018

Russellville, Pope
3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Muffler Replacement, Russellville, Arkansas

Your vehicle’s muffler does much more than keep the engine quiet. It also improves engine performance by maintaining an efficient exhaust flow. Most importantly, it ensures that harmful fumes don’t get into the cabin. As the team at A-1 Exhaust in Russellville, AR, notes, these important functions make a working muffler a top priority for any vehicle. But how can you tell when the car needs a muffler replacement? Here are three signs to help. 

Top 3 Signs You Need a Muffler Replacement

1. Noise

Since noise reduction is one of the main functions of the muffler, a sudden increase in noise is an easy way to know that something is wrong. Listen for loud sounds that occur during acceleration, as these are often caused when holes and large cracks form in the muffler. Unusual noises may be the result of other problems with the vehicle; either way, have it checked out by a certified mechanic.

2. Exhaust Pipe Condensation

muffler replacementCondensation typically occurs in the muffler area after the exhaust system cools down. Over time, this causes the muffler to rust through, requiring a replacement. Drivers who need a muffler replacement will often notice excessive amounts of condensation dripping out of the exhaust pipe.

3. Bad Smells

The muffler helps filter out the toxic gases released by your exhaust system. If you detect an unusual, foul smell coming from the vehicle, get your muffler and exhaust system inspected right away. Lengthy exposure to these trapped fumes could be deadly.

Whether you need a muffler replacement or other exhaust repair services, trust in A-1 Exhaust to take care of the problem. By using top brands like Magnaflow® and Flowmaster®, they’ll ensure that your vehicle exhaust system works properly. To learn more about how this automotive repair shop will help you, visit them online or call (479) 968-8469.

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