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Why You Should Replace Metal Fillings With Porcelain September 11, 2018

Rochester, Rochester, NY
Why You Should Replace Metal Fillings With Porcelain, Rochester, New York

While metal fillings were the norm for many years, these days, porcelain inlays and onlays are gaining in popularity. As a result, some dentists advise their patients replace their metal filling with this advanced material, which offers several benefits. Here are some additional factors to consider when making a decision.

What Are Porcelain Inlays & Onlays?

When it comes to decaying teeth, fillings are one possible option. However, some people are embarrassed by the look of metal fillings, which were the norm for many years. Porcelain inlays and onlays are a good alternative in this case, as they are considered more aesthetically pleasing since they can match the look of natural teeth.

Where your teeth are decayed willdentist determine whether you require an inlay or onlay. Inlays are used in the centers of the moral—also known as the cusp, while onlays are sufficient for any areas of decay extending beyond that. Your dentist will assess the current state of your teeth and offer the best solution for your specific needs.

Why Do Dentists Prefer Them?

Porcelain fillings have many benefits over traditional metal ones. For instance, these fillings are custom-fitted to your teeth from an impression taken before the procedure. Additionally, they help strengthen teeth, which is essential when damage is substantial. Conversely, metal fillings are known to weaken teeth over time, which is why many people seek out replacements. Porcelain fillings also offer a better match in terms of color, which makes them unnoticeable in many cases.


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