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3 Facts About Whiplash You Should Know January 11, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
3 Facts About Whiplash You Should Know, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Have you ever had a traumatic accident or injury and incurred whiplash? This condition happens when your body is in motion and stops suddenly. Your head keeps moving, but the rest of your body comes to a stop, making your chin smash into your chest or backward toward your shoulders. Below, Stoiber Chiropractic in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, shares three facts about whiplash everyone will benefit from being aware of.

You Should Know These 3 Facts About Whiplash

1. Age Is a Factor

whiplashIndividuals who are older have less mobility. Their joints aren’t as well lubricated, and they may struggle with aches and pains like arthritis. Their muscles aren’t as flexible, and they’re not as strong. This means they’re more likely to experience damaging whiplash.

2. Speed Isn’t Key

Many people associate whiplash with car accidents at high speeds. However, even a slow-motion fender bender can cause it. Speeds as low as 10 miles per hour can cause this painful injury, so don’t ignore potential whiplash symptoms just because you didn’t wreck your car. 

3. Chiropractors Can Help

Individuals who have whiplash may experience pain for weeks or months following the traumatic incident that caused their condition. Don’t just take painkillers and hope it will go away. Instead, head to Stoiber Chiropractic. These health care professionals can help restore alignment and motion to your neck and help you stretch and strengthen your neck muscles to relieve the tension and pain caused by whiplash. They have a massage therapist on staff who specialized in myofascial injuries. You may be surprised to find how much better you feel after a few sessions. 

Anyone can experience whiplash, but it is more common in older individuals. Remember, you can experience this condition because of low-speed trauma, and it’s a good idea to turn to a chiropractor for help, but not just any chiropractor. Dr. Stoiber is a member of the “Smart Injury Doctor” group. He specializes in determining the severity and location of the spinal ligament injury in your neck and then providing a correct diagnosis and treatment plan to help. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick Stoiber or Dr. Jacob Peterson at Stoiber Chiropractic, call (715) 424-8000. Visit the website for information about their services for people who have been in motor vehicle accidents. The care team also offers therapeutic massage, physical therapy modalities, orthotic and pelvic stabilizing, nutritional counseling, and other important health services to encourage total-body wellness.

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