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3 Things to Consider When Planning Full- Service Catering for Your Event January 30, 2018

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3 Things to Consider When Planning Full- Service Catering for Your Event, Honolulu, Hawaii

Booking full-service catering for your event is a great way to make sure that your guests are treated to a memorable experience. Whether you’re offering appetizers or a seated dinner, a catering company will make sure that your expectations are met. Natsunoya Tea House is Honolulu, HI’s most beloved sushi bar and banquet venue. They explain the things that you’ll need to consider when thinking about food service at your event. 

3 Things to Consider When Planning Full-Service Catering

1. Dietary Needs

Full-Service CateringThese days, it can be a challenge to accommodate everyone’s special dietary needs. In an effort to do so, most full-service catering services provide gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options. Ask your guests what foods need to be eliminated from the menu and then ask your caterer to come up with a few choices that will satisfy everyone. 

2. Event Timeline

When thinking about the food and drinks that you’ll serve at your party, it’s important to be aware of the timeline and schedule. Working with your caterer, you can determine the best time to serve each dish. Once you decide upon a schedule, you’ll want to make sure to stick to it so that the integrity of the flavor is preserved. 

3. Your Budget

When booking full-service catering, you will want to be completely transparent about your budget. Determine what you can spend on food for the event and then divide the amount by the number of attendees. This is your price per person and can be used to create the appropriate menu.

When planning your next special event, don’t forget to include full-service catering. Natsunoya Tea House in Honolulu, HI, can host up to 280 people in their spacious and elegant banquet halls. For nearly 100 years, the venue has provided guests with a stunning backdrop for their special memories. To book a reservation, visit them online or call (808) 595-4488.

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