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3 Tips for Avoiding Winter Auto Accidents January 18, 2018

Old Southwest, Roanoke
3 Tips for Avoiding Winter Auto Accidents, Roanoke, Virginia

It's no secret that winter weather can create difficult driving conditions. Fortunately, there are several ways to prepare for slippery roads and poor visibility. Knowing how to safely maneuver your vehicle through inclement weather will help you avoid an auto accident and ensure you reach your destination safely. The following tips will keep you safe on the road this season.

How to Prevent Winter Auto Accidents

1. Take It Slow

Whenever you venture out this winter, give yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination. Remember to accelerate and decelerate slowly on wet or icy roads and avoid abrupt stops as much as possible. When you have to brake, apply gentle pressure to the pedal, and make certain there is ample space between you and other people on the road.

2. Turn Off the Cruise Control

auto accident Roanoke VAWhen the roads are covered in snow or slush, you need to have as much control over the vehicle as possible. Although cruise control is a convenient feature, it prevents you from changing speeds as needed and can be hazardous in winter conditions. Using cruise control on an icy road increases the risk of spinning out and getting into a car accident. Get in the habit of driving without cruise control for the duration of the winter.

3. Follow the Six-Second Rule

Sometimes, the safest way to drive in the winter is to leave plenty of space between yourself and other motorists. The six-second rule allows enough room to decelerate and stop safely. Look for a specific point or landmark and start counting when the car in front of you passes it. If you can count to six before passing the marker, then you are at a safe following distance. Leaving this much space between cars is an important step towards preventing winter auto accidents.


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