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4 Tips for Keeping Traditions Alive After a Loss From Funeral Directors January 18, 2018

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4 Tips for Keeping Traditions Alive After a Loss From Funeral Directors, Wayne, West Virginia

Losing a beloved member of the family can be difficult, especially if they started some of your family’s favorite traditions, but just because they’re gone doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating them. The funeral directors from Morris Funeral Home in Wayne, WV, want you to know that keeping those traditions alive can be a wonderful way to pay homage to your loved one’s memory. This is why they’ve collected a few insightful tips for you below. 

4 Funeral Directors’ Tips for Keeping Family Traditions Alive

1. Acknowledge the Loss

Having your first family gathering without your loved one can be difficult, but it’s important to address the loss you’ve all suffered. Doing so can help provide your family with a sense of closure and acceptance, which are both equally important parts of the grieving process. Don’t hesitate to toast to their memory, or tell one of your favorite anecdotes about them. 

2. Try to Adapt

funeral-directorSome family traditions might never be the same after the loss of a loved one. Perhaps, your family misses your father’s cooking; that’s no reason to stop getting together. Try brainstorming and coming up with a new tradition to honor the one you’ve lost, like a potluck dinner with your father’s favorite dishes. 

3. Enlist Help from Relatives 

If you plan on changing a cherished family tradition, try enlisting help from your relatives ahead of time. This way, no one’s surprised by any change in plans at the next family gathering—it’s also another excellent way to get everyone involved in the grieving process in a positive way. 

​​​​​​​4. Give to a Charity in Their Honor

Many people find that one of the best ways to carry on the traditions of the family members they’ve lost is by paying it forward. If your deceased loved one was passionate about helping others, giving to one of your local charities in their name is a great way to keep that generous spirit alive. 

Keeping your family traditions alive and celebrating the loved one you’ve lost will bring your family closer together. For more helpful tips, contact the funeral directors at Morris Funeral Home today by calling (304) 272-5171. You can also visit them online for a closer look at their funeral planning and burial services. 

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