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5 Reasons to Consider Moving in Winter February 1, 2018

Parma, Parma
5 Reasons to Consider Moving in Winter, Parma, Ohio

Moving requires a lot of planning to ensure every stage goes off without a hitch. While some people might shy away from moving during the winter, the cold season is actually a great time for relocation. The Cleveland area’s Parma Self Storage shares five reasons to consider moving when the temperatures drop.

Why Moving in Winter Is a Good Idea

Lower Costs

Moving when there is less of a demand for movers and storage companies means lower costs and discounted rates. You may receive better deals on moving services as well as special pricing on packing materials and storage options.


With fewer bookings, there are more times available, giving you a better chance ofso getting the day and time you want. Moving companies are more flexible during the slower months and can make the process even more convenient for you.

Happier Movers

Moving in the middle of summer is rough on the crew. They are more likely to suffer from overheating and will require more frequent breaks to stay hydrated and safe in high temperatures. This issue is diminished in colder temperatures, leading to happier movers who can transport your stuff more quickly.

Less Traffic

movingWinter often means less traffic is on the roads, making moving even quicker. During the warmer months, you must contend with vacation traffic and more drivers out and about enjoying the nice weather. Moving trucks have a clearer road during the chilly months—so long as there’s no fresh snowfall—allowing your stuff to arrive sooner.

Storage Options

In the offseason, you may find your options for storage expanding, something that is helpful if you have to store items between residences. Besides having access to a convenient storage space, you may also find winter deals for the unit to go with your discounted moving costs.

Located between Ridge Road and Tiedman, Parma Self Storage is the storage company to choose no matter what time of year you’re moving. When it is snowing, they ensure their aisles are cleared within 24 hours of the storm, making it even easier when moving and storing in winter. To learn more about their self-storage options as well as moving truck rentals and supplies, call (216) 661-1501. Visit them online or like them on Facebook and receive a free lock for your new storage rental.