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What Are the Elements of Farmhouse Bathroom Remodeling? January 18, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
What Are the Elements of Farmhouse Bathroom Remodeling?, Rochester, New York

If your bathroom remodeling dreams are dominated by the classic farmhouse style, congratulate yourself on “going minimal.” Farmhouse-style bathrooms and homes are all about simplicity without sacrificing style or function. Help yourself create a fully-realized farmhouse bathroom design by reviewing elements virtually no bathroom in this style is without:

The Top 5 Elements of Farmhouse-Style Bathroom Remodeling

1. Claw Tub

Stand-alone claw tubs are signature farmhouse bathroom elements because many washrooms in traditional farmhouses were little more than converted outhouses. Built-in tubs had not been invented yet. Plenty of today’s claw tubs feature showerheads and curtains, though you can stick to the showerless tub for an authentic look.

2. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture featuring natural or whitewashed finishes are typical of the traditional farmhouse and understandably extend to the bathroom. Vanities with wooden drawers are one option, while you can also repurpose wooden planks to serve as shelving or add a distressed wooden cabinet.

3. Minimal Decor

bathroom remodelingSince traditional farmhouse bathrooms were converted outhouses or other rooms, they rarely featured many decor pieces. They included what was needed, such as tubs and vanities, and perhaps an old chair or table for placing towels. While this does not mean your bathroom remodeling project should be without rustic decor pieces, it does mean you should keep them to a minimum.  

4. Vintage Lighting

Vintage light fixtures are another staple of this bathroom design. Antique stores are ideal for finding vintage lighting options, such as old gas lights repurposed for electricity, or anything else featuring a retro vibe. Your lighting should in no way resemble modern or contemporary options.

5. Trough & Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal and trough sinks were common in farmhouse bathrooms, such as trough sinks on top of wooden vanities featuring woven storage baskets. Pedestal sinks take up little space but do not leave room for storage, meaning you will have to find another furniture piece to store your toiletries. A distressed wooden cabinet or any piece you can reuse as a cabinet, such as an antique bedroom vanity, both work.


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