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3 Common Myths About Irrigation Systems January 19, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
3 Common Myths About Irrigation Systems, Lincoln, Nebraska

Irrigation systems play a crucial role in keeping your home’s exterior lush and healthy. Without the proper sprinklers in place, you risk losing all of your landscaping to heat, leaving you with nothing but brown grass and a wilted garden. However, there are many myths surrounding irrigation systems that often keep homeowners from making correct use of them. Don’t buy into the following three.

3 Major Misconceptions About Irrigation Systems

1. They Water More Deeply

Many people install an irrigation system hoping it will help them achieve a deeper concentration of water in their soil. What they don’t realize, however, is watering until the dirt seeps well below the earth’s surface may not actually be beneficial to the yard. The trick to making your sprinkler work for you is to be familiar with the type of soil you have. This will dictate how much water to release every day. 

2. They Should Stay Off All Night 

irrigation systemsFor many homeowners, the fear of fungi growth is enough to keep them from allowing their sprinkler system to run at night. While this may seem fathomable, the reality is fungi thrive in humidity and heat more than darkness. Watering your lawn at night won’t promote the growth of unwanted mushrooms and the like, but overwatering can, so be cognizant of how much water you apply during the day. 

3. Automatic Systems Waste Water 

While it’s true a residential irrigation system uses more water than simply spraying the area with a hose, there is more to be considered before deeming it a waste. Sprinklers improve the quality of the water, which means you use less of it to achieve the results you want. By using a hose, you may be prone to overwatering and wasting even more water and money while you wait for the lower-quality liquid to nourish your plants. 


If you’re in the market for a new irrigation system for your home in Lincoln, NE, it’s time to get in touch with Whittemore Sprinkler Company. This team of specialists knows what it takes to create a lush, green landscape in any yard and can help you bring your gardening goals to life. With top-of-the-line equipment and a deep understanding of cutting-edge installation techniques, they’ll ensure efficient and effective outdoor growth. For more help, contact them online or call (402) 476-8552.

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