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3 Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage January 19, 2018

New York, Queens
3 Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage, New York, New York

There are many reasons to put some belongings in storage temporarily. A moving service helps you relocate your items and keep them safe en route. But if you want to make sure that they stay in top condition, it’s essential to use a climate-controlled storage unit. Here, the moving team from North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration in Jackson Heights, NY, shares what items to put in this type of storage. 

Moving Service’s Top Items for Climate-Controlled Storage

1. Electronics & Appliances

Most items that use electricity won’t do well in a storage unit without climate control. That’s because excessive heat and cold causes moisture to build up in the room. It could short circuit the electronics when you turn them on again. There’s also the possibility of rust buildup over time, which is just as problematic.

2. Photos & Art

moving servicesPrinted photos and artwork need to be protected from heat, humidity, and UV exposure. Before you entrust a moving service with these items, make sure they’re packaged safely for long-term storage. Use sealed, plastic containers or shrink wrap to prevent moisture on the pictures. Climate-controlled storage units are also properly sealed and keep away unwanted critters.

3. Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture doesn’t tolerate temperature or humidity fluctuations. That’s because wood expands and contracts as the climate changes. This causes the furniture to degrade and warp. In addition to selecting a temperature-controlled unit, prep your furniture beforehand by wiping it down, staining, oiling, or waxing it.

North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration offers reliable moving services in Jackson Heights. They will store your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit and keep them safe. This company also offers junk removal services if you find items you want to part with as you’re planning your move. For more information, call (212) 461-4048 to discuss your needs.

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