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5 Points to Keep in Mind When Hosting a Food Truck January 18, 2018

Monroe, Fairfield County
5 Points to Keep in Mind When Hosting a Food Truck, Monroe, Connecticut

When hosting an event, you want to impress your guests. Catering with a food truck says you’re thinking outside the box. Mobile food trucks are certainly on the rise, so having one at your party is sure to be a hit. Consider all of the items in the following guide before hosting a food truck.

5 Tips for Hosting a Food Truck at Your Event

1. Establish Permits & Insurance 

Food trucks must always have the proper permits to park and serve in a designated location. They should also have insurance in case any incidents occur at your event. Rules can vary between cities and states, so do your research.

2. Determine the Best Location

It’s important to remember where food trucks are permitted to park when choosing a location. Beyond that, think about where the truck would be most convenient. Is it easily accessible to guests? Is there a nice, shady area to eat nearby? Make sure the spot is on flat, solid ground to prevent accidents.

3. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Outdoor events are perfect on a sunny, gorgeous day, and food trucks contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. However, nobody wants to eat outside when it’s rainy or cold. Your event will fare better in the summer, but if your date isn’t that flexible, continue checking the forecast. You might have to move your event back a weekend if the weather looks unpleasant.

4. Figure Out Your Setup

food truckAnyone who’s had catering knows you can’t just hire a service and expect them to figure out the rest. Plan seating for diners, especially if you’re expecting many guests. Arrange tables and chairs strategically, so they won’t get in the way of a potential line. Additionally, ask the food truck vendor whether they’re bringing their own trash cans. If not, it’s your job to provide them.

5. Think About the Menu

You don’t want to offer a menu people aren’t going to like. Most food trucks will have various catering options to choose from, and your decisions will depend upon the number of guests, pricing, and the type of food you want to serve. Some vendors will allow you to customize your packages, so consider the food allergies and preferences of your guests.


Once you’ve worked out the details, call on Pizza Pie Wagon. They have been serving superb Italian dishes to the Monroe, CT, area for 25 years. They will make pies right from the food truck at your event, so your guests enjoy hot, delicious meals. Call (203) 520-1472 for more catering information or visit their website for rates.

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