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Stamford's Leading Lawn & Garden Equipment Supplier Lists 3 Benefits of Good Landscaping January 17, 2018

Harbor Point, Stamford
Stamford's Leading Lawn & Garden Equipment Supplier Lists 3 Benefits of Good Landscaping, Stamford, Connecticut

There’s nothing like well-tended landscaping to beautify your home or business, but the advantages don’t end at aesthetic appeal. With a little time and some basic lawn and garden equipment, you will reap numerous benefits. Below are just a few of the advantages of good landscaping.

3 Benefits of Taking Care of Your Landscaping

1. Increasing Property Value

Your property value depends on a variety of factors, including the size and, of course, the location. But there’s no overstating the importance of curb appeal, which can give your home’s value a significant boost even if you aren’t planning on selling soon. Good landscaping doesn’t have to be extensive, either. In most cases, planting some flowers along the walkways, trimming back dead branches, and putting new sod over brown spots may be all you need.

2. Keeping Plants Healthy

lawn and garden equipmentEven the hardiest plants need some care and attention to stay healthy. A little fertilizer in the spring and fall will ensure they have all the nutrients they need, and tending your plants gives you the chance to identify any issues before they become serious. Regularly pruning trees and bushes will also reduce the chance of dead branches falling on your home during a storm.

3. Reducing Pest Infestations

Squirrels, rats, and other outdoor pests love to hide in tangled overgrowth. Spending some time outside with your lawn and garden equipment will make your property look neater and ensure pests don’t have a place to hide. Furthermore, it will remove debris they might be attracted to, which will prevent them from turning your property into a new home.


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