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3 Must-Have Power Hand Tools January 30, 2018

Monroe, Fairfield County
3 Must-Have Power Hand Tools, Monroe, Connecticut

Owning an attractive yard is a source of pride for many homeowners, but you can’t achieve the look you want without the proper tools. Having a wide range of power hand tools at your disposal will allow you to tackle any tough job with ease, leading to a beautifully maintained area. Here are three tools every homeowner should have in their garage or shed.

Power Hand Tools Everyone Should Have

1. String Trimmer

A perfectly mowed lawn can look rough around the edges if the fringe isn’t tightly maintained, and there’s no better power hand tool for the job than a string trimmer. This device will take care of any pesky weeds or grassy areas your mower can’t reach. Depending on the surrounding surfaces (open lawn or harder objects such as rocks or fences), you may want to have lines of various thickness on hand.

2. Leaf Blower

hand toolsFrom grass clippings to a blanket of leaves dropped by an overhanging tree, Mother Nature has plenty of ways of littering your yard and driveway. Thankfully, a quality leaf blower can handle it all. While a gas-powered blower was necessary to get adequate strength in the past, many battery-powered blowers have enough force to take on most types of debris without issue.

3. Hedge Trimmer & Pole Pruner

Having a hedge trimmer and pole pruner will let you keep your property’s greenery even and attractive throughout the year. A trimmer will take care of hedges, smaller plants, and even prairie grass with ease. A pole pruner makes cutting back hard-to-reach, overgrown branches a quick and efficient task.


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