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3 Reasons to Invest in Stump Grinding January 11, 2018

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3 Reasons to Invest in Stump Grinding , Sparta, Georgia

When a tree falls or is removed, the leftover trunk can be an eyesore and a hazard. Fortunately, professional stump grinding offers a simple solution to effectively eliminate these problems. But is this service worth the investment? As Tidwell’s Tree Service explains, proper removal will not only restore the natural beauty of your yard, but it also offers a variety of benefits and protects your property. Serving the areas of Macon and Milledgeville, GA, this tree maintenance team highlights some of the top advantages of stump grinding.

3 Benefits of Stump Grinding

1. Safety  

While it may seem harmless from afar, a stump can be a hazardous thing to leave in a yard. If a person fails to see the protrusion, they might trip and fall. When someone becomes injured, you may even be held liable for the incident. However, when the obstacle is removed, you and your guests can once again enjoy the wide open space of your lawn without the fear of getting hurt.

2. Improved Lawn Maintenance

stump grindingStumps don’t just present dangers to people. They can also harm your lawn equipment. For example, if you are mowing overgrown grass and run over the obstacle, it can severely damage the mower’s blades. And even if you are able to keep tabs on the stump, it can be a pain to mow and garden around. By contrast, grinding the stump will simplify your yard maintenance routine, as well as provide you with mulch to protect the other trees on your property.

3. Pest Prevention

A tree stump is an attractive source of food and shelter to a variety of pests, including beetles and termites. After they’ve had enough, these insects can spread and infest other parts of your yard or home. If you want to avoid having to go through the hassle of calling an exterminator, call a professional to proactively remove this insect magnet.

If your yard is plagued with one or more stumps, Tidwell’s Tree Service has the right equipment and expertise to properly clear up the problem. Serving the areas of Milledgeville and Macon for more than 30 years, these professional arborists deliver quick and effective stump grinding. And, if you want to prevent future stumps, this crew also offers a variety of tree trimming services to keep your current plants healthy and strong. Visit them online to learn more about their advanced and affordable care, or call (478) 452-0234 to schedule service.   

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