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4 Questions to Ask Your Family Dentist About Children's Dental Care September 11, 2020

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4 Questions to Ask Your Family Dentist About Children's Dental Care, Mayfield, New York

As a family dentist, I talk with parents from Mayfield, NY, every day about their children’s dental health. Unfortunately, even some of the most caring adults don’t know where to start to improve their kid’s dental hygiene routine, which is why great communication with us is so important. Here are four questions to ask the next time your little one has a checkup and why. 

Questions for Your Family Dentist

1. What Can We Do Better?

From stopping the bedtime bottle to nixing those kisses on the lips, there is a lot parents can do to curb early tooth decay. When your child has an appointment, ask about their overall dental health and environmental factors that could come into play. By making a few changes at home, your little one will enjoy a healthier smile. 

2. Should I Be Offering Fluoride Drops?

While most children could benefit from fluoride drops, they aren’t right for everyone, since some towns have fluoridated water. Talk with us about your concerns regarding fluoride administration and what you can do to avoid problems like dental fluorosis, which are streaks on the teeth that occur when kids consume too much of the substance. 

3. Would Sealants Help?

Dental sealants, which are made from medical-grade, food-safe plastics, can act as a permanent barrier between your child’s teeth and oral bacteria.  During your kid’s next cleaning, talk with me about whether or not they would be right for your little one. 

4. Should They Have a Mouth Guard?

family dentistKids who play contact sports we recommend a sports mouth guard. If you are thinking about enrolling your child in sports, have them fitted for a customized guard. It will conform to the shape of their mouth well and protect their teeth from damage.


If it has been a while since you have brought your children to the family dentist, make an appointment with us at Valley Family Dentistry PLLC. servicing Fulton County, Hamilton County, Montgomery County, and Saratoga County with comprehensive general and family dentistry, our team can help with everything from routine dental cleanings to complex restorations, and we will make the process fun and comfortable for your little one. Explore our office online, or call (518) 661-6405 to book your child’s next visit. 

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