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How Debris Removal Keeps Your Construction Site Safe January 17, 2018

Lansingburgh, Troy
How Debris Removal Keeps Your Construction Site Safe, Troy, New York

Construction sites can be hazardous even after the work is complete. Whether your construction crew is building a small home or a spacious shopping mall, it’s important to keep your site clean and safe. Luckily, Joey's Junk Removal in Troy, NY, are experts at junk and debris removal and can help you with your construction site cleanup. They’ve put together some information about construction site safety and debris removal to help you keep your site free of dangers.

Construction Accidents Are Common but Preventable

Twenty-one percent of worker fatalities are in the construction industry, with almost half of those coming from falls, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — OSHA. A common cause of falls is tripping over something such as debris or construction tools and materials. Removing these items will greatly reduce the chance of trips and falls. With so many other dangerous tasks taking place on the job, it’s essential to prevent small accidents wherever possible.

Stay Safe with Debris Removal

debris removalIt’s important that everyone working on the site follows a safety plan. Putting tools away after using them and using designated trash areas are two ways to keep the site clean. Hiring a dedicated site cleaning crew is another great way to make sure that workers and passersby are safe during and after construction. This will ensure that nothing dangerous is accidentally left behind. And, your crew can take small steps along the way to make sure the site doesn’t become cluttered with trash and tools. 

Don’t risk the safety of your crew or the people enjoying your completed project. If you have construction debris removal questions or needs, Joey’s Junk Removal can help. This locally-owned, family-run business offers residential and commercial debris removal and roll-off services. Joey’s Junk Removal also offers same-day and next-day service. Call them at (518) 237-5865, or visit their website to see some of their amazing before-and-after cleanup pictures.

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