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The Top 3 Benefits of Renting Your Office Space February 2, 2018

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
The Top 3 Benefits of Renting Your Office Space, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Many business owners dream of one day owning a building and hanging a sign with their name out front, but is that really the best approach? While owning your own home is usually a better deal than renting, the same can’t always be said of commercial real estate. In fact, some benefits make renting an office space much more attractive than owning.

3 Reasons to Rent Your Office Space

1. Lower Operating Costs

When you buy a building, you’re buying all of the responsibilities that come with it, from regular maintenance to emergency repairs. When you rent space in an office building, the landlord will take care of most of these duties, sparing you the added expenses of landscaping, re-roofing after a storm, and having the HVAC system serviced. They will also take care of property taxes and other costs.

2. Prestige Locations

office spaceRenting office space offers access to thriving commercial locations in the best areas of town, spots you may not be able to afford to buy. Moving into a well-known building can also give your business an aura of prestige, inspiring confidence in your clients and boosting your employees’ morale.

3. Flexibility

Traffic patterns change over time, causing shifts in commercial centers. Owning your building means you’re committed to a certain area, which can hurt your business if the destination becomes less desirable. Renting your office space gives you the flexibility to take advantage of the natural evolution of your city and change locations when the lease is up.


Winmar Corporation offers commercial office space in two of Lexington, KY’s most distinctive buildings, each of which combine historical architecture with all the technological features a modern business needs. No matter what industry you’re in, their team will have an office space perfectly suited to your needs, with a responsive property management team committed to your satisfaction. Visit their website to learn more about their buildings, or call (859) 254-5755 to schedule a tour.

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