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How Often Should You Update Restaurant Equipment? January 12, 2018

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
How Often Should You Update Restaurant Equipment?, Brooklyn, New York

Restaurant equipment sees heavy use throughout its service life, especially if the establishment that owns it is open for multiple meals or 24 hours a day. Knowing when to replace food service equipment is essential to your kitchen’s efficiency and safety. Faulty ovens and grills are among the many pieces of equipment that present serious fire hazards when left to deteriorate. That’s why seasoned restaurateurs recommend evaluating equipment every year or two to see what needs repairing or replacing. They also suggest keeping the following factors in mind.

Determining When to Update Restaurant Equipment

Consistent Repairs

Restaurant equipment in constant need of repairs is worth updating, especially if the models are older. Continual repairs slow kitchen production, which equals longer wait times for customers and increases operational costs. Updating or replacing equipment is much more cost-effective.

Safety Concerns

Any food service equipment that poses safety risks should be removed to protect your staff and customers. Working in an unsafe kitchen may even interfere with food output, as cooks will be hesitant to use certain pieces or simply feel uneasy.

Outdated Parts

restaurant equipmentOlder restaurant equipment often features outdated parts that are difficult to find. If the part you need still exists, it will likely fetch a higher price because it has to be specially ordered or is one of few available pieces. 

Higher Energy Bills

If you have noticed a dramatic increase in your establishment’s energy bills, restaurant equipment is the likely culprit. Inefficient products must work harder to provide the results your kitchen needs, forcing energy bills to skyrocket.

New Menus

Significant changes in your menu may call for new or updated food service equipment. Purchasing multi-use equipment that increases efficiency—such as combination ovens with steamers—is common during menu overhauls, especially if your kitchen space is limited.


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