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Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Other Drivers of Your Car? January 17, 2018

Dothan, Houston
Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Other Drivers of Your Car?, Dothan, Alabama

Sometimes, you may want to let a friend or relative drive your car. In such an event, will your auto insurance cover them, even though they're not listed on the policy? There is a persistent myth that states car insurance follows the driver, so you might think yours won't cover someone else. However, as Aaron Insurance Agency in Dothan, AL, explains, auto insurance actually follows the car, so your policy will act as primary coverage. Any insurance your friend has will come into play only in a secondary capacity. 

If Your Friend Is Not at Fault

If your friend is in an accident with your car but is not the one at fault, your insurance policy should not be affected. You can file a claim with the other motorist's insurance company, and they will pay for the damages their client caused to your vehicle.

If Your Friend Is at Fault & Insured

auto insurance in Dothan, ALIf your friend is responsible for the accident, your insurance policy will cover injuries and damages to the other motorist, their passengers, and their vehicle to the limit of your liability amount. It will also take care of collision damage to your car if you carry such coverage. Any amounts beyond the limits of your policy should be covered by your friend's insurance company.

If Your Friend Is at Fault But Not Insured

If your friend causes the accident but is uninsured, your insurer will cover damages to all parties to the limits of your policy. Unfortunately, because your friend carries no supplemental coverage, any property or personal injury liability amounts above the limits of your policy are your responsibility. Because it is your car, you could be sued for damages equal to the unpaid amounts.

To lower your rates or raise your auto insurance coverage limits, contact the professionals at Aaron Insurance Agency in Dothan, AL. Since its founding in 2000, the company has specialized in providing even high-risk drivers with affordable coverage. Visit their website to request a quote, or call (334) 712-0777 to discuss your options with a friendly, knowledgeable agent.

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