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Avoid 4 Common Problems With Grease Trap Cleaning January 17, 2018

Waterloo, Monroe
Avoid 4 Common Problems With Grease Trap Cleaning, Waterloo, Illinois

Commercial kitchens rely heavily on grease traps to remove fats and oils from waste fluids, allowing filtered water to return to the city’s wastewater supply. Unfortunately, clogs and other issues are all too common with grease traps, but J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning of Waterloo, IL, is here to help you avoid them. Simply refer to the following guide from your local grease trap cleaning experts.

4 Grease Trap Cleaning Issues to Avoid

1. Full Grease Trap

If you fail to schedule grease trap cleaning on a routine basis, fats and oils will back up the lines in your system. Prevent your grease trap from filling to the brim by having it inspected every three months. If greases reach the complete depth of your trap, you’ll need to hire experts to safely remove the fat and oil residue with hot-water jetting.

2. Incoming Line Clogs

One of the most obvious signs of clogged incoming grease trap lines is backflow in your floor drains, causing foul odors and flooding. Incoming line clogs mean the main line is blocked, so contact your local contractor for grease trap cleaning right away.

3. Outgoing Line Clogs

grease trap cleaningOutgoing line clogs usually result in overflowing grease trap compartments. You may run into this problem if you do not pump your lines regularly. Cleaning and minor repairs will usually correct the issue, but you may need outgoing line replacements. Your septic pumping company will assess the damage and help you decide on the best course of action.

4. Crossover Clogs

When your grease trap has a crossover clog, the fluid levels in its two compartments will get thrown out of balance. When this happens, fats and oils from the first compartment may overflow into the second one before they have the opportunity to be filtered. A professional will remove the clog from your crossover line and restore the fluid levels.

When you want to maintain a functional and hygienic septic system, put your trust in the team at J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning. Call these friendly specialists at (618) 939-3001 today to schedule an appointment for grease trap cleaning. Additionally, check out their website to learn more about their variety of septic system and excavation services.

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