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A Brief Guide to Point CounterPoint's Music Program March 7, 2018

Leicester, Addison
A Brief Guide to Point CounterPoint's Music Program, Leicester, Vermont

Developing an appreciation for music at a young age will help children develop organizational skills and discipline, as well as the focus needed to excel throughout life. That’s why many parents encourage their kids to learn musical instruments. Every summer young musicians from all over the country apply to the chamber music program at Point CounterPoint to hone their music abilities while enjoying all the benefits of a traditional camp experience. Below is a brief guide to what prospective students and parents need to know about the chamber music camp. 

How Point CounterPoint's Music Program is Arranged

Audition Processmusic program

Placement auditions for music groups are held on the first day of the session. All campers are expected to perform a two- to three-minute piece for the faculty. Pianists perform chamber pieces that have already been assigned. Students are judged on their musicality and technical ability, which are used to determine chamber music group placement.  

Practice Schedule & Music Classes 

After students meet their assigned groups, the music program includes a rigorous practice and rehearsal schedule. Groups rehearse their pieces six days a week, in coached and uncoached settings. There is plenty of time daily for private practice sessions with the goal of preparing to play in front of visiting guests and faculty. Often students move on to additional movements.  The music program often includes composition, and classes and panel discussions on various topics related to music.

Student and Faculty Concerts

Formal performance is a large part of the music program. Faculty members play at various local venues during the summer. 

Concerts where students perform are held on Sunday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. on the campus. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to hear their children play and spend time with them before the campers return to their Sunday evening activities. On the last Saturday of each session at 1 p.m., students perform a final concert at Salisbury Congregational Church.

To find out about the chamber music camp application process, call (267) 886-5359 to speak with a representative. Visit Point CounterPoint online for an in-depth look at their music program, and like them on Facebook to see pictures of the camp facilities.