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Why You Should Choose Discount Carpet for Your Home January 16, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
Why You Should Choose Discount Carpet for Your Home, Rochester, New York

When you’re considering materials for your floors, you might have visions of plush carpet and hardwood flooring. However, due to a variety of reasons, the best option might be to take a least expensive approach. Here are five situations where discount carpet is a good choice for your home’s flooring.

5 Times to Choose Discount Carpet for Your Home’s Flooring

1. Kids & Pets

Discount CarpetWhen you’re designing a child’s bedroom or play area, you need to take into account the fact that kids are messy. You can expect spills and accidents, so discount carpet is the perfect choice. The same goes for pet areas; it will inevitably get dirty and stained, so it’s better to save money.

2. Rental Homes

Unless you’re offering high-end luxury apartments, it doesn’t make sense to invest heavily in carpets which will likely need to be replaced between tenants. By choosing a budget option for your apartment’s flooring, you can keep your prices competitive.

3. Basements

Even if the main rooms of your home are decked out to impress your guests, there are some areas that don’t have to be. Places like basements and backrooms, which are rarely seen, can be treated with a no-frills approach.

4. Workshops & Mudrooms

Like kids’ rooms, these are areas where you know going in that the carpet will be damaged and stained. You should plan to replace these carpets relatively often, which makes high-end options impractical.

5. Budget Homes

If you’re a first-time homeowner on a tight budget, you’ll want to lower your costs anywhere you can. Discount carpet is a great flooring option in this case since it’s easy to upgrade later if you want to.


When you don’t want to break the bank on luxury flooring, discount carpet installation is the way to go. If you’re interested in this option, start looking for flooring stores in your area that offer low-cost options. Christie Carpets in Rochester, NY, has provided a full range of attractive flooring options for over 30 years. Their selection includes everything from high-end hardwood and tile to discount carpet. To learn more about what they have to offer, call (585) 663-5030 today or send a message online.

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