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What Happens During an Oil Change? January 10, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
What Happens During an Oil Change?, Anchorage, Alaska

If it’s been a few thousand miles since your car’s last tuneup, it might be time to take it to the auto shop for an oil change. This is more than just a top-up; it means completely draining your car’s oil and replacing it with fresh fluid. For this reason, the process is a little more intensive than just popping the hood. Here’s what happens when your mechanic performs this service.

Your Guide to a Professional Oil Change

1. Preparing the Vehicle

For the best results, a car or truck should be slightly warm before starting an oil change. Your mechanic may run the engine for a little while, then let the vehicle rest to achieve the desired temperature. Meanwhile, since the oil drain plug is on the underside, the car may be elevated for access.

2. Draining the Oil

Your mechanic will locate the engine’s oil drain plug and remove it, allowing the system’s spent oil to flow out. The main difficulty at this stage is the mess, which your auto shop will avoid with a well-placed drain pan. Next, they’ll return the plug to its place and make sure it’s sitting properly—including adding a washer if necessary.

3. Changing the Filter

Oil ChangeOnce the tank is drained, your mechanic will also change the filter. This ensures the new oil doesn’t pick up contaminants from the old filter, so everything will run smoothly. Your mechanic will also take care not to over-tighten it, as the sealing gaskets swell with time.

4. Adding New Oil

To finish, your mechanic will fill your tank with fresh new oil that meets your vehicle’s specifications. If you have any particular requests about the type or brand, let them know ahead of time. Once they’ve ensured the oil level is where it needs to be and there are no leaks, your car will be ready to go.

An oil change can be a difficult and messy process, but it’s necessary to keep your car running. Without a sufficient supply of clean fluid, your engine may seize, resulting in serious damage. Because this maintenance task is so vital to get right, it’s best left to the professionals.


Dean’s Automotive Service Center in Anchorage, AK, is the area’s most trusted mechanic. They focus on providing quality repairs, explanations you can understand, and no unnecessary add-ons. Whether you need a routine oil change or extensive engine work, they can help. Call them today at (907) 276-5731, or send them a message online.

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