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3 Mouthwatering Fresh Meat Sandwiches You Should Pack for Lunch January 18, 2018

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3 Mouthwatering Fresh Meat Sandwiches You Should Pack for Lunch, Elyria, Ohio

Biting into a hearty, flavorful sandwich is an especially satisfying and wonderful experience in the middle of a workday. Dale’s Market & Deli has been satisfying Elyria, OH, residents with top-quality grocery and deli products for 50 years. With over 160 deli items to choose from, lunch never gets boring. Here, their team offers their favorite fresh meat sandwich recipes to spice up your lunch options.

Top 3 Fresh Meat Sandwiches to Have for Lunch

1. New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich

fresh meatAlthough muffuletta rolls are hard to come by in Ohio, they can be replaced with other soft, crusted bread such as ciabatta, so long as long as the layers of the olive salad, fresh Italian cuts, and cheese are layered just like an authentic muffuletta sandwich from New Orleans. What makes this sandwich delicious is its distinct flavor. The juices from the olive salad sink into the bread without making it soggy, providing a fresh contrast to the heartiness of the meat and cheese in between.

2. Elevated Turkey Sandwich

While most would associate turkey sandwiches with day-old Thanksgiving leftovers, there’s absolutely nothing dull about this sandwich. Turkey meat coupled with smashed peas, caramelized onions, and pesto makes for an unusual yet delicious lunch no one else will have in the office.

3. Good Ol’ Roast Beef Sandwich

Nothing is more visually appealing than seeing a towering sandwich filled with rare, red roast beef. Complement the tantalizing fresh meat with roasted tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, and bread strong enough to hold the tower into place, such as French bread. You’ve just made yourself a sandwich fit for royalty.

If you’re looking for quality, fresh meats for your next sandwich, head to Dale’s Market & Deli. Their experts take care to handle only the best cut of meats for their customers. Above all else, customer service is their priority, which is why they offer competitive prices along with experienced employees to ensure the best experience. Call (440) 365-6551 or visit their website to learn more about their deli and bakery selection. 

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