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Should You Choose Pressure or Soft Washing for Your Home's Exterior? January 18, 2018

South Hill, Pierce
Should You Choose Pressure or Soft Washing for Your Home's Exterior?, South Hill, Washington

Once you notice buildup of dirt on your home, you likely want to remove it as soon as possible. Most homeowners are slowed by the first decision: choosing pressure or soft washing. Both are useful, but which one is best to remove the dirt and grime of daily life? Below are a few details of each to help you assess your home and make the best choice.

Pressure Washing

As the name suggests, this type of home washing service involves spraying dirty surfaces with a high-pressure stream of water. Pressure cleaning uses special equipment that sprays water with full force. The powerful stream clears away dirt, mildew, and mold without chemicals or washing products.

However, unless handled by a professional, pressure washing can damage your home’s roof, deck, and siding materials. Additionally, the high-intensity water jet makes this cleaning service better suitable for tough surfaces, like concrete.

Soft Washing

Soft WashingMany house washing experts recommend soft washing for roof and exterior cleaning as it relies on a low-velocity nozzle, which decreases the risk of outdoor paint and construction components. It employs eco-friendly chemicals to rinse away pollutants from your home’s exterior. Using this method not only clears away dirt accumulations from your walls and roof, but it also protects surrounding plants and landscapes.

As part of the cleaning process, professional washers first apply a coat of chemicals on the target surface and allow them to take effect. Once the recommended time is over, they rinse out the products with a low-speed stream of water. As the layer of cleaning solution washes away, it leaves your home’s roof, walls, and siding visibly clean.


If you want to clean the exterior of your home, trust Dacey’s Power Cleaning to employ the appropriate method. Based in Puyallup, WA, this local business has served residents throughout Pierce and King Counties with top-tier power washing solutions. Call (253) 335-0539 to receive a free estimate for your home today and visit their website to check out their gallery of completed projects.

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