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How to Properly Cover a Broken Window January 17, 2018

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How to Properly Cover a Broken Window, Cottonport, Louisiana

Coming back to your car after a day of shopping to find one of the windows smashed in can ruin your day. While you may have to drive with the broken window to get your car home, it shouldn’t be kept uncovered for long, as it leaves your vehicle vulnerable to the elements, animals, and theft. Here’s the proper way to cover that broken glass until you can schedule professional car window repairs.

Put on a pair of protective gloves and clear away as much of the broken glass as you can. A shop vacuum can suck up small shards that may have gotten on the seat or floor. You can also use it around the window to remove glass still inside the seal.

car window repairOnce you’ve removed the broken glass, take a damp cloth to wipe down the window seal and frame from inside the car. Removing any dirt and dust this way will ensure the tape holds. Next, get a plastic garbage bag or similar material and some duct or packing tape. Clear tape is less noticeable. Duct tape will provide a stronger hold but may damage your car’s interior. Do not tape the outside of your car, as it will ruin the paint.

From inside your car, hold the plastic over the broken window. Begin taping the plastic to the frame and ensure there are no gaps, as these can result in leaks from rain or snow. Once you have one layer of tape, add another to ensure it holds. Check to ensure the plastic is taut by getting out of the car and tapping on it. If it sags, you should re-do it.

It’s important to note that this is only a temporary solution until you can take your car somewhere that specializes in car window repairs. Additionally, in some municipalities, it’s illegal to drive around with plastic-covered windows, so check with your local law enforcement. Finally, remember that you should never cover a window that’s essential for you to see while driving, such as the windshield or rear window.


Once you’ve properly sealed your broken window, call the car window repair experts at Mike’s Glass & Tinting in Cottonport, LA, at (318) 876-3893 to request an estimate. In addition to window repairs, they also do chip repairs, windshield installation, and window tinting. With more than 25 years of experience, you can count on these professionals to get you back on the road. Visit them online for more information on car window repairs.

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