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Top 3 Mold Cleanup Mistakes to Avoid February 6, 2018

Northwest Omaha, Omaha
Top 3 Mold Cleanup Mistakes to Avoid, Omaha, Nebraska

No one wants to learn that their home is infested with mold. Not only is it unsafe, but once it pops up, it can be emotionally draining and costly. Although mold cleanup is a job best left to the professionals, the average homeowner can handle small mold issues on their own. Here, the mold cleanup specialists at A-1 Mold Testing & Remediation in Lincoln, NE, offer you advice on some common mistakes to avoid when attempting to rid your home of mold.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Attempting Mold Cleanup at Home

1. Using the Incorrect Cleaning Product

Mold cleanupUsing bleach to kill mold is a widely believed myth that can do more damage in the long run. Bleach merely changes the color of the mold; it does not remove it. The mold will continue to grow and spread if you rely on bleach for mold cleanup.  Bleach also contains mostly water so in essence you are giving mold exactly what it needs to grow. Lastly, you don’t want to try and kill mold, you want to remove it.  Using mild detergents is much safer than using harsh chemicals.

2. Cross-Contamination

Once you start scrubbing or wiping the affected area, inevitably some of the spores will become airborne. Once airborne, they can migrate to other areas of the home, creating a problem elsewhere that was not initially impacted. It is essential to contain the area and use negative pressure to prevent the mold spores from spreading. Once you are finished cleaning, dispose of all cleaning materials and clothing to keep contamination of other areas to a minimum.  Seek out the expertise of a professional so you can be educated prior to tackling the cleaning so you can prevent causing a bigger problem.

3. Using Mold-Resistant Paint

Many people mistakenly believe that a mold-resistant paint will remove the problem. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. All it does is cover the area, providing only a cosmetic solution to the problem. Underneath, the mold can continue to grow. Mold-resistant paint is best used once the mold problem has been completely eliminated. Only then will the paint help prevent the return of mold.  You must also eliminate the moisture source that caused the mold to grow in the first place.

Dealing with a mold problem—even a small one—can be frustrating, especially when attempting to tackle things on your own. Following the advice above can make the process a little smoother and ensure that the problem doesn’t return. For bigger jobs that require expert mold cleanup or to be educated on the removal process if tackling it on your own, turn to the professionals at A-1 Mold Testing & Remediation. With offices in Lincoln and Omaha, this team is ready to take swift action to rid your home of mold. Call them at (402) 474-6653 in Lincoln or (402) 964-2080 in Omaha. You can also visit their website for more information.

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