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3 Common Methods of Childbirth January 18, 2018

Clarksville, Johnson
3 Common Methods of Childbirth, Clarksville, Arkansas

If you’re awaiting the arrival of a new baby, then you are busy making important decisions like what to name them and how to care for them. Have you thought about how you want to deliver? Many women have questions about their childbirth options but aren’t sure how to discuss the subject with their OB-GYN. The following guide outlines three of the most common methods, so you can have an informative and productive conversation with your women’s health provider.

3 Childbirth Options

1. Medicated Vaginal Birth

Vaginal delivery is the most common childbirth method and appropriate for most pregnancies. An epidural is the most effective pain relief medication and is administered as an injection into the spinal cord lining. The epidural creates a numbing sensation from the waist down. Once the medication is administered, you will be confined to a bed until it wears off. Some hospitals also offer nitrous oxide during labor and delivery; this anesthetic doesn’t provide complete pain relief, but it can reduce the intensity.  

2. Unmedicated Vaginal Birth

childbirth Clarksville ARSome women choose unmedicated vaginal birth, either at home, in a hospital, or in birthing center. This method relies on natural pain management options such as Lamaze breathing and self-hypnosis. Warm water birthing tubs and yoga balls can also be used during childbirth to help women find a comfortable position for delivery.

3. C-Section

Under some circumstances, surgical intervention is the safest method of childbirth. High-risk pregnancies, breech babies, and deliveries well before or after the estimated due date can all benefit from cesarean section procedures. During a C-section, the doctor removes the baby through an incision in the abdomen. Some C-sections are planned, especially if the mother has already had one and is not a good candidate for vaginal delivery, but it is most often done when complications occur during labor, including failure to progress.


Clarksville Women’s Center in Johnson County, AR, offers high-quality women’s health care for all stages of life. The center’s experienced staff will guide you through your childbirth options to ensure a positive outcome and help your baby get off to a healthy start. Their facility in the Johnson Regional Medical Center uses the most modern diagnostic and treatment equipment for all procedures. Call (479) 754-5337 to make an appointment, and visit their website for more information about their postpartum services. Follow the clinic on Facebook for the latest information on women’s health topics.  

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