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Top 3 Essential HVAC Repairs to Get Before Spring January 16, 2018

Ozark, Christian
Top 3 Essential HVAC Repairs to Get Before Spring, Ozark, Missouri

Though you may be tempted to turn on your air conditioner at the first sight of spring, your unit may not be ready. Over the colder months, a unit may sustain damage while not in operation, so it is best to call an HVAC repair specialist to inspect and maintain your system before the heat skyrockets. Before the spring fever hits, have your unit serviced with these essential repairs.

3 HVAC Repairs Your System Needs Before Spring Arrives

1. Pipe Insulation

hvac repairDuring winter, the insulation around your suction line may become damaged from sun rot, freezing water, or critters in search of shelter. This damage can cause your outdoor unit to lose much of its required coolant, inevitably causing problems with the entire system. To avoid repairs later, fix any minor issues with your insulation before the heat increases.

2. Coil Drainage Hose

The coil drainage hose, or condensate line, is responsible for draining condensation. However, if there are any issues, it may flood the unit or even spill water onto your home’s foundation. Prevent this from happening by having an HVAC contractor check your hose and ensure it is draining to the proper location.

3. Seasonal Cleaning

Finally, the unit should be thoroughly cleaned. The supply vents and return grills may accumulate additional debris, including dust and pet hair, during the winter season. By having it cleaned before spring’s arrival, your system will be well prepared to run efficiently during the warmer months.


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