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Your Plumber-Approved Guide to Addressing Rusty Water January 12, 2018

Kaimuki, Honolulu
Your Plumber-Approved Guide to Addressing Rusty Water, Honolulu, Hawaii

Discovering that your faucets are producing rusty water can be disconcerting for the whole family. Not only is this water unsafe to drink, but it can lead to even more significant plumbing problems if not addressed right away. Before you call a plumber to come fix the issue, it’s wise to get an idea of the source so that you can better assess the situation. Identifying whether it’s actually rust you’re dealing with and what you can do to remedy the situation will help you find a solution much more quickly. 

How Do I Know If It’s Rust?

While many people assume they can diagnose a rust problem simply by looking at the water coming from their faucets, it’s wise to do a bit more research before deeming this the problem. Rust, of course, gives off an orange-brown hue that will tinge the output of water from your sinks and showers.

plumberThe rust has a noticeable metallic scent and is known to leave muddy orange marks if it’s left for too long. Rust is caused by oxidized iron, which can easily make its way into your home by way of public plumbing works or even your own residential system. 

What Should I Do Now?

Once you’ve determined that you are, in fact, dealing with a rust problem in your pipes, you can attempt to figure out where the problem is stemming from: localized or public plumbing. Run the problematic faucet with cold and hot water separately and look for signs of rust. Rust that comes only from the hot water supply is likely a reflection of a problem with your hot water heater connection and can be fixed by a local plumber. If you see rust coming from both hot and cold taps, it’s likely a public plumbing issue. 

Getting rid of rust in your water can only be achieved by replacing the section of failing pipes. This process is labor-intensive and should never be assumed by a layman without the training and equipment to do the job properly. If the problem is with your hot water heater, you may also need to replace the unit to ensure clean water in the future. 


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