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Mt. Washington Veterinarian Shares 3 Reasons Your Pet Needs Flea Medicine January 16, 2018

Mount Washington, Bullitt
Mt. Washington Veterinarian Shares 3 Reasons Your Pet Needs Flea Medicine, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Fleas are small parasites that survive by feeding on the blood of their hosts like dogs and cats. To protect your pets year-round from these pests, you need to take preventative measures. The friendly veterinarians at Mt. Washington Animal Clinic in Bullitt County, KY, are here to discuss a few of the important reasons your dog or cat needs flea medicine.

3 Reasons to Give Your Pet Flea Medicine

1. Stop Fleas From Spreading

If your dog or cat catches fleas from outside, they can carry them into your home. Once a flea finds a host, they will begin to feed and lay eggs, which will then hatch and become fleas. This leads to an infestation cycle, which is difficult to end.

2. Prevent Disease

veterinarianFleas are notorious for carrying diseases, such as tapeworm and Lyme disease. To relieve their itchiness, the dogs and cats will ingest the fleas, which is how the cystic form of the tapeworm develops. Treating these conditions can be expensive and require multiple visits to the veterinarian. You can avoid this by giving your pet preventative treatment.

3. Ease Pet’s Discomfort

In addition to disease, fleas also leave itchy bites and cause hair loss. This can reduce your pet’s quality of life and make it difficult for them to find relief from the symptoms. You can help them avoid these uncomfortable symptoms by administering flea medicine before they can take hold.

When you’re ready to discuss your pet’s options for flea preventatives, turn to the leading veterinarians at Mt. Washington Animal Clinic. They also provide a wide range of additional services, from pet vaccines to routine checkups. Contact them today at (502) 955-6822 or visit their website for more information about their full list of pet health care services. 

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