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3 Times You May Need Emergency Septic Tank Pumping January 16, 2018

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3 Times You May Need Emergency Septic Tank Pumping, Corbin, Kentucky

Buildings that rely on a septic system to carry out the majority of their plumbing operations are required to keep up with strict maintenance to ensure safety and efficiency. So when the septic tank begins to act up, it can warrant concern from property owners as well as building residents. While most know that septic tank pumping is required every few years, fewer are aware of what to do in the face of an emergency plumbing situation. There are a number of situations that warrant emergency septic tank pumping, and each has telltale signs that signal the start of a potentially serious problem. 

Below are three situations that confirm the need for emergency septic tank pumping: 

  • Drain Field Flooding: All septic systems require a drain field for the pipes to empty into. When you start to notice that puddles are forming around the drain field—specifically the area where the tank is located—it’s likely that you have a major problem on your hands. Standing water usually indicates that there is a clog or crack in the septic tank, which eventually allows sewage to leak into the field. 
  • septic tank pumpingAlarm Sounds: Most commercial septic systems are designed with an alarm that indicates when emergency maintenance is required. The reason behind the alarm’s signal can vary greatly, but there is no such thing as a false alarm, so don’t waste any time calling for emergency service. When the technician arrives, they can take a closer look at the tank and get an idea of where the issue lies before shutting off the alarm and fixing the problem. 
  • Backed Up Plumbing: Seeing your pipes back up into the sinks or toilets can be extremely disconcerting and is an immediate red flag that there is a problem with your drains. Both visual sightings of liquid waste and the sudden exposure to sulfur-like odors indicate that you’re due for septic tank pumping. 


Keeping your septic system in perfect running order is crucial to the well-being of your commercial property. If you’re running a building in Corbin, KY, look to Cox’s Septic Service for routine drain cleaning and septic tank pumping. With 10 years of experience in the industry, this team of seasoned septic experts has seen it all and is ready to help with problems large or small. Whether you run a school, business, or restaurant, you can count on Cox’s to keep things flowing smoothly. For more help, go online or give them a call at (606) 528-4782.

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