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America's Most Popular Pizza Toppings January 16, 2018

Crossville, Cumberland
America's Most Popular Pizza Toppings, Crossville, Tennessee

It’s no secret that pizza is one of America’s favorite foods. Families in every state love to go out to their local pizza restaurant or pick up a pie or two for dinner, sometimes multiple times per week. Every day, almost 13% of Americans eat at least one piece of pizza! But, how exactly do they like their pies? Read on to learn about four of America’s most popular pizza toppings. 

America’s Most Popular Pizza Toppings


Pepperoni is easily the most popular pizza topping, which probably isn’t a surprise! A top menu item at almost every pizzeria, pepperoni is very salty, a little spicy, and a nostalgic pizza flavor for most Americans. Although pepperoni is a variety of salami from Italy, its origins are American. 


Although many Americans, especially children, claim to dislike mushrooms, they’re still one of the top 10 pizza toppings in the country. Whether they’re part of a veggie pizza or standing alone along with sauce and cheese, mushrooms are a popular choice for adult pizza lovers who want a more sophisticated taste. 


PizzaSausage is often a component of specialty pizzas like the House Special at Gondola Pizza House in Crossville, TN. It’s often a topping in combination with peppers, onions, and other delicious combos of meat and vegetables. Pizzas typically include Italian sausage, which is spiced with garlic, pepper flakes, and fennel seeds. 

Extra Cheese

Some pizza lovers don’t need more toppings than extra cheese! A popular pizza option for kids, extra cheese makes for a particularly melty, gooey, and delicious pizza pie. Most pizzas are topped with mozzarella, which melts well in the oven.


Though all these toppings are classic favorites, there are plenty more delicious combinations out there to try. Gondola Pizza House in Crossville, TN, is Cumberland County’s favorite spot for pizza, Greek entrees, and steaks — all made from scratch. Gondola Pizza House has been the locals’ favorite for over 40 years, and they pride themselves on giving their customers the best of Greek and Italian food every day. Visit their website to view the full menu, and call (931) 484-7647 for more information.

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