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Top 3 Reasons Clean Energy Is So Important January 17, 2018

Soldotna, Kenai Peninsula
Top 3 Reasons Clean Energy Is So Important, Soldotna, Alaska

Many people have heard scientists and experts state the critical role that clean energy plays in human health and the Earth’s environment. Yet, plenty of individuals still don’t truly understand that role. So, what is it that makes such “alternative” energy sources so important, and how do they affect society and our planet? The guide below explores those questions with a few of the important benefits of clean “green” energy. 

3 Reasons to Choose Clean Energy

1. Climate Change

clean energyWhile climate change is normal, researchers have found that human activity has caused the Earth’s atmosphere to become overloaded with carbon dioxide and other combustion gases from the burning of “fossil” fuels. These gases cause a “greenhouse” effect which traps additional heat within the Earth’s atmosphere, altering the rate of climate change.  To help combat this issue, most renewable energy sources don’t create such emissions. Solar panels and wind turbines harness the energy from the sun without creating harmful gas byproducts, except for the “carbon footprint” of their industrial production and installation.  Wood burning soapstone masonry heaters are also a clean “green” energy alternative because they more efficiently burn wood, which is part of the “modern” carbon cycle.  Carbon dioxide emitted is taken up by growing plants and results in new wood fuel being produced,.. not overloading the Earth’s atmosphere with excessive amounts of “ancient” carbon. This helps to reduce the impact of human activity accelerating climate change and promotes a healthier atmosphere.

2. Public Health

Researchers have also found that a heavy reliance on coal, oil and natural gas for energy may be linked to public health issues around the world. For example, these “traditional” fossil fuel power plants create significant amounts of air and water pollution, which has been linked to lung diseases, cardiac arrest, cancer, and neurological damage. Clean “alternative” energy simply doesn’t produce such pollution, and as a result, can actually benefit the health of you and your neighbors.  Efficient complete burning of dry seasoned firewood in a soapstone masonry heater produces only very small amounts of particulate air pollution, unlike traditional fireplaces and metal wood stoves.

3. Economy

Finally, the “alternative” energy industry tends to be far more labor-intensive, which means that it often creates more jobs than the fossil fuel industries. This is because the production of fossil fuel energy is highly mechanized, while clean “alternative” energy sources generally require more human technicians for installation and maintenance.


If you want to make a difference and use clean “green” energy, the professionals at Wood Heat Fire Stone, based in Soldotna, AK, can help. They offer TULIKIVI® soapstone masonry heaters from Finland, which can efficiently capture nearly all of the energy from burning firewood with just one fire a day.  The soapstone heater’s mass then gently radiates that energy to keep your home warm for an entire day or longer. Learn more about how this design can benefit you and the environment by calling a representative today at (907) 262-3106. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest updates.  
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