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A Brief History of South American Food’s Evolution January 16, 2018

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A Brief History of South American Food’s Evolution, Paterson, New Jersey

Visiting a restaurant that serves authentic Latin cuisine can feel like an adventure into another world. Rooted in a rich agriculture history and influenced by several cultures, food from South America is as varied as it is delicious. Mamajuana Café Paterson in Paterson, NJ, serves up incredible meals in an elegant atmosphere. Read on to learn more about the history of the region that inspires this restaurant’s dishes.

The History of South American Food & Its Evolution

Agricultural Origins

RestaurantIt’s impossible to talk about the food that hails from South America without talking about the evolution of agriculture on the continent. Early adopters of advanced irrigation systems, native populations cultivated crops early in their history. Raising livestock added to a richly diverse cornucopia of ingredients from which to create recipes. 

Common Ingredients Used

From the early agrarian days, there are several common ingredients that can be found in many South American dishes. Legumes and corn are relied on, as are peppers and spices like paprika, cumin, and oregano. Meats include beef, pork, and chicken, which are well-suited to the vast landscapes found in some Latin countries.

How the Cuisine Has Evolved

Over time, outside influence from European countries shaped the evolution of Latin dishes. The basic culinary foundations found in the recipes merged easily with Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian dishes. These days, Latin cuisine’s influence can be tasted in almost any style restaurant imaginable.

Latin cuisine is a stable in every culture, and its various dishes can be enjoyed by anyone. If you’d like to sample Latin cuisine, a trip to the right restaurant can satisfy your cravings. Mamajuana Café Paterson in Paterson, NJ, creates handcrafted dishes reflecting Latin and Asian influences. Enjoy special events and the area’s best happy hour specials in sophisticated surroundings. To learn more, visit their website or call (973) 925-5172.

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